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Mediation CONT..

Mediation Chambers strive to help find creative solutions. We are a group of trained mediators with a wealth of experience in dispute resolution. Our experience has been built up over many years.
We work closely with other professionals with experience in child welfare, counselling and finance. We don't take sides or make judgements, we remain impartial.

  • The mediation process is 'without prejudice', so if a settlement is not reached litigation may continue without the parties needing to worry about having disclosed anything during the mediation that the other could use in court. However, financial information disclosed in family mediations is disclosable.
  • It can avoid the uncertainty and dissatisfaction often experienced in court or at arbitration where you have to accept the judgements or awards made.
  • Mediation is entirely confidential to the parties.
  • Mediation is very flexible - as it can take place at any time it is not limited to ordinary working days or hours.
  • Mediation is also voluntary - any party may withdraw at any time. Mediation is arranged at a venue convenient to the parties, who generally will each have their own room as well as a separate room for joint meetings.
  • Both parties share the cost of mediation which will vary depending on the value and complexity of the claims.